Hi there, My name is
  • Software Developer
  • Data Engineer
  • Entrepreneur

I'm a developer currently working at a digital agency in London. During the day, I'm a software developer mostly writing code in python, at night I'm a php web application developer. As my huge obsession with Laravel, Bonne Nuit Metrics and many of my other personal projects are build with Laravel.

I love beautiful, simple and clean code, and I am heavily focused on extendability and scalability. While I might not be perfect, I get all the chances I can to learn and improve my skills. As there are always things to learn, and new things and ideas become "the thing" of the year, I'm always looking to exchange experiences, so feel free to send me a email! :)

In my blog, you will find me posting about little coding tips I have found while working. It might not be much, but I know it can certainly help someone out there.

I listen to Wintergatan and DetektivbyrÄn while writing code. (P.S. Martin Molin is a true genius!)

What I do
development development
With Computer science knowledge fundamentals, I'm proficient with various scripting languages, such as PHP (OOP and Procedural, >=5.6), Python (3.*) and C. With in depth understanding of MVC design pattern and relational database, I am capable of building scalable dynamic web applications efficiently. Always keen to learn and improve my skills as a developer.
Responsive Design Responsive UI
Excellent competency with front-end technology such as HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript/JQuery, and I use build tools like Webpack to manage my assets in projects. I always try my best to make my application adaptable to any type of devices and screen size. I'm currently also learning vue.js.
Data Analytics Data Science
My day to day jobs involves extracting data from various API resources, and normalizing raw data to a relational database. I mostly use Python and SQL for data analytics, and I'm also studying Machine Learning, and big data manipulation.
Search Engine Optimization SEO
I'm mostly focused on the technical side of SEO. Coming from a development background, I believe technical factors can influence the ranking of a website in the search result. Especially for page performance, which involved many different layers of optimization.
Tools and Knowledge
Command Line
Development Skills